Varietals Coffee® Colombia Regional Popayán Decaf – Koffie Bonen 2 X 500 gram – Specialty Coffee – Espresso



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Aroma and flavor profile: Cinnamon, Sweet & Sugary, Fried Rice, Milk Chocolate, Sugarcane, Citrus, Red Apple, Sweet Bread Pastry.
Country: Colombia
Region/Location: Popayán
Farm/Cooperative/Label: Various Farms
Producer: Various Small Farmers
Varietal: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra
Process: Sugarcane Decaf
Altitude: 1500 – 1900 Meter
Grade: Excelso
Content: 2 X 500 grams – specialty coffee beans
Packaging: Varietals Coffee bag with ZIP (resealable) and (degassing) valve
This Colombia Decaf Regional Popayán is produced by selected farms in Popayán region. Coffee is brought from growers in dry parchment, it is later milled at Popayán and transported to Caldas to be decaffeinated.
This decaffeination process is unique, the caffeine is extracted from the beans using sugarcane and water which enhances sweetness, while maintaining the coffee attributes. This technique was developed in Colombia.
The city of Popayán is the capital of the state of Cauca, in the southern half of Colombia. The surrounding coffee region is on the plateau where the Andes mountain range reaches southern Colombia from Ecuador. From there, the Andes breaks into the three separate mountain ranges (or, cordilleras) that cross the country from south to north.
The Cauca and Popayán plateau is at an average of 1,600 meters above sea level and includes the neighboring Purace volcano, which has over time has produced the region’s rich soil. Coffee farms in the region are usually smaller than 5 hectares. The region is also home to several indigenous groups that have been growing coffee for decades.
Coffees from near Popayán – as a result of the area’s soil conditions, altitude and washed processing – generally have a very nice aroma, a medium acidity and a medium body. These features combine to present a pleasant, sweet, chocolate aftertaste.
Sugarcane Ethyl Acetate (E.A.) Decaffeination is a natural process that not only maintains astonishing integrity of green-coffee flavor, but also follows an integrated vertical supply chain, as the growing, processing, and even the full decaffeination process all happens at the source in Colombia.
E.A. Decaf Process (see photo for graphics)
Green coffee is received, sorted, and prepared for processing.
Coffee is steamed for 30 minutes prior to decaffeination.
A low-pressure steaming process has opened the pores of the coffee, allowing for caffeine extraction.
Coffee is placed in a solution of water and Ethyl Acetate (E.A.), a naturally occurring compound and solvent derived through the fermentation of sugarcane.
Green coffee is submerged in the solvent, which naturally bonds to the salts of chlorogenic acids within the coffee, allowing for the extraction of caffeine.
Once the coffee is saturated, the tank is drained and fresh solution is introduced. This continues for about 8 hours.
After the last of the caffeine has been extracted, the coffee is removed from the solution and prepped for another steaming.
The final low-pressure steaming removes the remaining traces of E.A.
Decaffeinated coffee is then dried, physically polished to ensure cleanliness, and packaged for export.
Our dedicated team, ensures the perfect roasting of this coffee every day. Carefully selected for a balanced taste experience.
We roast all our Specialty coffee fresh every day in our coffee roastery in Enkhuizen. We use two state of the art Loring machines for optimal flavor development and a better balance. These hybrid machines save up to 80% energy and reduce CO2 emissions from our roasting plant.
All orders are roasted in small quantities and shipped freshly packed, so you can enjoy our freshly roasted coffee beans. Sometimes you may have to wait for it, but once you have tasted really freshly roasted coffee you never want anything else.


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